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Data Scientist | Machine Learning | Deep Learning | IoT

Datakalp , Bangalore · · Full-time employment · Programming

Who we are:

We at Datakalp are crazy about solving challenging problems using data and machine learning. We believe that India has a very unique set of problems ripe to be solved by technology. Hence, we prefer to first solve for India and then take those solutions to the world where relevant.  

Some clients that we are working with:

1) Defence India Organization -- we are finalists in the Defence India Startup Challenge 2

2) Apparel retail brick & mortar chain with 500+ stores across India. We are building unique real-time face-recognition, granular foot fall counter, and chatbot solutions for them.

3) An organic farmer in Bangalore with 200+ acres of farmland. We are building multiple solutions around supply / demand forecasting. For example: predict the sale quantity of Roma Tomatoes in Brigade Metropolis, Whitefield on the very next day.

4) An EdTech startup building an App for Indian kids to improve their vocabulary. We are building a unique speech recogntion based feedback system for them.

5) A news media startup in India. We are building state-of-the-art news classification and clustering technology to make news consumption easier and more engaging.

6) An australian company in health-care space 

7) A US company in logistics space

Datakalp is led by a team of geeks with 30+ years of collective experience in successfully leading 50+ unique data-science and machine learning projects across variety of industry verticals and business contexts.

What we are looking for in YOU:

  • Habit of going on a date with data. Fondness of dancing with math. 
  • 0 to 2 years of experience with hands-on data science and machine learning. If you are applying as a fresher, you need to have done at least one solid proejct in DS / ML as part of internship in industry. 
  • 2+ years of solid hands-on experience with at least one of the following languages: Python, R, C, C++. You'd be spending more than 80% of your time on hands-on coding. 
  • Penchant for 'hacking'. For example, diving into the guts of a LSTM model / Sklearn module / OpenCV method and modifying the code to suit the unique problem at hand.
  • Desire to invent new algorithms, not just use and assemble existing techniques / algorithms.
  • Work with and learn from senior mentors in the team and require minimal supervision
  • Basic knowledge of AWS or GCP is a plus
  • Basic knowledge of various ML platforms is a plus: Spark, TensorFlow, PyTorch, MXNet, Keras
  • Prior exposure to Internet-of-things (IoT) / Edge-computing platforms is a plus: Nvidia Jetson Nano, TensorFlow Lite, ...

What you can look forward to

  • An intense, well-rounded learning experience. You will always cherish the years that you spend with us as your 'best learning period' in your career.
  • Opportunity to bring the power of AI to Indian clients and solve unique India-specific problems. Then take promising solutions to the world. If you are like us, you find this hugely satisfying (and, of course, hugely ^ 2 challenging compared to solving for the developed countries like US / UK)
  • Opportunity to get exposed to broad variety of problems in data-science and machine learning, above and beyond the already commoditized 'deep-learning'. See above for some example projects that we work on. 
  • A gang of smart, high-energy, self-driven colleagues. Always up for a passionate debate.
  • Galvanising vibes of a small company yet without instabilities of a start-up. No distractions related to funding.
  • Competitive salary.

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