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Full Stack Developer (RL-FSD- 0102)

AutoInfer , Remote · · Full-time employment · Programming

AutoInfer is a startup based in Bangalore working in the area of Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. One of AutoInfer’s product offerings is Document Reading and Understanding. This product goal is to provide unmatched accuracy for information extraction from physical/digital copies of printed/handwritten documents. Our technical leadership team has over 8+ years of experience in productizing deep technical problems in Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Robotics in the Bay Area and Bangalore. We have successfully deployed many large multi-year products that are currently used in production. Alumni of this group are at top tier organizations working at the likes of Magic Leap, Cruise LLC, Max Planck Institute among others. Our founder has been a regular curator/speaker of the HasGeek’s Anthill Inside and Fifth Elephant conferences.

We are looking for Full Stack Developer with expertise in Full Stack Development. This person should have the ability to and experience in writing Full Stack applications, built responsive websites, clear fundamentals (how JS/HTML/CSS works), strong experience with React for UI Development and Python Backend (Django/Flask). This would be a wonderful opportunity for candidates who have a strong yearning to develop deep skills in this area, who are passionate about the area and have deep curiosity about how human’s think and communicate. You will get to work on cutting edge problems from your house.

Required Skill Sets

  1. Ability to iterate quickly, to make assumptions where necessary to reach execution focal points.
  2. Ability to thrive under uncertainty and ability to focus on important aspects with minimal support. Ability to convert rough ideas into UI workflows, design and implement them, design backend support the same.
  3. Strong knowledge of Web Library/Framework, particularly JS & React.
  4. Strong knowledge of a Python Web Framework (Django/Flask), Linux Operating Systems and Git.
  5. Sound fundamentals in DB Design and good understanding of Relational and NoSQL Technologies.
  6. Good Interpersonal and Communication Skills.
  7. Strong ability to find solutions (on Google/SO etc), ask the right questions.
  8. Ability to assimilate information gleaned from various sources, understand the context and collate and assimilate them.

Great to have Skill Sets / Experience

  1. Open Source Contribution (include GSoC, link to your projects, github etc.).
  2. International level participation in ACM ICPC, IOI, TopCoder etc.
  3. Strong programming experience in C++.
  4. Knowledge of functional programming.
  5. International level participation in Physics or Math Olympiad.

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